Did you ever think about the spirituality of food?

Like so many things, the spiritual meaning of food is grounded in our earliest experiences.

As babies we connect to our mother at the breast.  Food is a source of nourishment and pleasure, bonding and comfort.  Food provides security and is a source of life and renewal.

Our parents work to provide for us.  The ultimate provider is the creator God.  When we are in right-relationship with creation, we are amazed at the diversity of gifts that the Earth brings forth.  We are thankful for the fruits of creation and we recognize the precious gift of life in all its forms.

There is a lot of spiritual imagery surrounding food.  We are hungry for God’s word.  We thirst for divine presence.  Ultimately we all need food for the journey of faith.

Food has bonding properties.

When we eat with each other, it is a sign of trust.

This week, pay attention to your food.

Give thanks for all of the people who help to bring food to your mouth.

The farmers, the harvesters, the truckers, the grocers, the cooks… all of the toil and energy to bring food to your table.

This week, pay attention to the people you share meals with.

See how meals feel different depending upon who joins you at the table.

Notice how many times you smile when you eat with friends.

This week, offer a quick prayer or blessing before you eat.  Give thanks for the miracle and the simplity of food.



In spiritual direction we talk about “noticing.”

Part of the journey of faith is to notice the moments of blessing we experience throughout each day.